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This site is not affliated with the Amherst Alliance.  It is a news service dedicated to the support of the Low Power FM Radio service in the United States.

Low Power FM Radio Cannon

The site developer built the site, paid for it out of pocket and maintained it – all without thanks from The Alliance.  Our support has now gone to a more conservative thinking LPFM Radio advocacy at Conexus.US.  We urge you to join us on the real Low Power FM Advocacy with a real American Agenda in mind.

Congressman Doyle Grills NAB on Claims about LPFM Radio

Congressman Doyle Grills NAB over alleged Low Power FM Radio Station Interference

On June 6, 2012, Congressman Doyle (lead sponsor of the Local Community Radio Act) grills Mr. Newberry of Commonwealth Broadcasting Corp. on his claims related to low power FM radio stations’ ability to receive FCC licenses to broadcast on the air. Mr. Newberry is a National Association of Broadcasters witness on the NAB’s opposition to community radio. Thanks for your support, Congressman Doyle!

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**** ACTION: PLEASE Sign This Petition To Do Battle For LPFM Radio!! ****

Dear Active Members of THE AMHERST ALLIANCE,

Acting on my own as an individual, rather than as President of THE AMHERST ALLIANCE, I am now rallying troops for a battle that may never occur.

That is:

IF the FCC’s final rule on the LPFM radio service contains the currently proposed ban on LPFM radio stations below 50 watts, even in highly urban areas, I plan to file a Petition For Reconsideration.

IF the Petition For Reconsideration is denied, I hope to put on my “lawyer hat” and file a lawsuit against the FCC. The lawsuit itself would be accompanied by pursuit of an injunction — under which licensing of ALL urban radio stations would be suspended until the status of Low Power FM stations below 50 watts has been resolved by the court(s) involved.

I ask you to sign my current DRAFT of the Petition For Reconsideration. This will give you the RIGHT to join me in a lawsuit if the Petition is denied. However, you will not be under any legal OBLIGATION to join me in a lawsuit.

Involvement in any lawsuit, should the FCC invite one through its actions, will be an OPTION for you to consider WHEN AND IF the time comes.

To read the DRAFT Petition For Reconsideration, and two related Appendices, just open the 97-2003 MS WORD document entitled “DON SCHELLHARDT–(DRAFT) Radio Stations Below 50 Watts–Petition For Reconsideration”.

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Don Interviewed on Commons Radio (Amateur Radio Antennas)

This is Don Schellhardt KI4PMG of Waterbury, Connecticut.    As many of you know, I lead THE AMHERST ALLIANCE:   a Net-based, nationwide citizens’ advocacy group for Low Power FM (LPFM) and other media reforms.
However, I also lead a newer group:   HAMS FOR ACTION.    We advocate reasonable regulation of Amateur Radio Service antennas, by Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) and landlords, in place of the total bans on ham antennas which prevail in many American neighborhoods today.    Such total bans on ham antennas can cost lives by depriving affected neighborhoods of the Emergency Communications protection that hams can provide,
Just In Case you are interested, I have been interviewed about ham antenna regulations for a show on an Internet radio station.    The hour-long interview was Netcast globally, last week, and can still be heard over the ON THE COMMONS Web Site, hosted by SHU BARTHOLOMEW of Virginia, at
Should you want to hear the interview, go to    …    scroll down the page to ”The Current Show”   …   and then click on “Listen to Don Schelhardt” [misspelled, without the second "l" in my last name].
The interview will be running on this Web Site for an indefinite period   –   almost certainly extending into the first few days of June, and perhaps beyond.    Once the interview has been replaced on the main page by newer interciews, you will still be able to find my interview, but you will have to look through the Web Site’s Archives to find it.
BTW    –
If you dislike Homeowners’ Associations, or at least their anal retentive versions, you might want to contact SHU BARTHOLOMEW at     …    Shu is always looking to connect with supporters of any kind of HOA reform.

“Eliminate LP100s, not LP10s” – Warns FCC of Injunction

I have filed personal Reply Comments in Docket 99-25. Here are the two most “quotable quotes”:

“Eliminate LP100s, not LP10s. License only LP10s [or LP50s] in highly urban areas and license only LP250s everywhere else.”


“I am a lawyer. My resume is Attached.

“If the FCC’s final rule does not permit licensing of Low Power FM radio stations below 50 watts in center city areas, I will file a Petition For Reconsideration. If the Petition does not succeed, I will attempt to raise funds for litigation — including an injunction.”


Please Stand By.

I will be sending you an important public announcement on these issues within the next day or two.